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Birla Navya Gurgaon: Luxurious independent floors

Birla Navya Sector 63 A

Birla Estates is one of the leading real estate developers. Its Birla Navya Sector 63A,Gurgaon project has become the centre of attraction in the NCR region. This project will provide dwellers with luxurious independent floors with all modern amenities. Therefore, hundreds of potential buyers seem interested in the properties this residential project is offering.

Birla Navya is Birla Estates’ latest housing project located in Gurgaon Sector 63A. It will be a gated community equipped with lush greenery and facilities every homeowner demands. Dwellers will occupy independent floors designed to accommodate the amenities they demand.

This project became the centre of attraction for buyers looking for feature-rich builder floors in Gurgaon. Proximity to roads connecting major areas of the city and top-class amenities make Birla Navya properties beneficial for all buyers.

Properties available at Birla Navya

Birla Estates launched this project in March 2020. All the sold properties will be available for possession from June 2024. Buyers get 2, 3, and 4BHK properties to choose from. There are all sorts of properties for all types of families. Dwellers will share both indoor and outdoor amenities of the community with neighbours living in the same society. Birla Navya will be a posh society in the NCR region. If you want to settle in a magnificent community, you should consider this project.

Birla Navya amenities

The most noticeable amenities offered at Birla Navya sector 63A include the following:

Indoor amenities:

  • A 1.5 lac sq. ft. clubhouse

This community will provide dwellers with a clubhouse that spreads across 1.95 acres of land. This clubhouse will provide many indoor games to keep homeowners entertained and fit. It will serve as an entertainment centre and fitness centre. Both kids and adults will get games to stay active and entertained during their free time.

  • Badminton court

Badminton is one of the most widely-played racquet sports in India. Birla Navya Gurgaon will provide an indoor badminton court. You can play it like a pro to keep the sweat flowing.

  • A dedicated yoga room

Millions of Indians do Yoga during the morning and evening time. This township aims to promote a healthier lifestyle. Therefore, homeowners will get a dedicated yoga room in the community for group yoga sessions. You can join neighbours to get fitter and healthier to encourage others.

  • Table tennis room

Do you find table tennis an entertaining game? Get ready to play it with other interested people because Birla Navya will provide a separate room for this game. Get competitive and improve your skills to beat good players during your free time.

  • Built-in gym

You can cancel your expensive gym membership if you buy a flat at Birla Navya Gurgaon. This community will have a built-in gym. That spacious gym will provide many types of fitness equipment found only in top-end gyms in the city.

  • Board game area

Whether it is chess, carrom, or some other board game, there is a special room to enjoy all those games. You can also join neighbours and play card games for entertainment.

Outdoor amenities

  • Amphitheatre

The Birla Navya sector 63A will endow an amphitheatre. Residents can use it to host small parties and cultural events.

  • Balinese landscape

Birla Navya is a mega residential project. Birla Estates will decorate it by planting many beautiful trees, bushes, and plants. Residents will get a cleaner environment whenever they move out to take a stroll.

  • Party lawn

Residents will get a separate lawn to organize events and parties. It will provide a much cheaper alternative to expensive lawns located across Gurgaon.

  • Jogging and cycling track

This community will have a separate track for joggers and cyclers. It will keep fitness enthusiasts safe, while motorized vehicles will get a separate road for safer drives.

  • Kids’ play zone

Birla Navya Gurgaon is going to attract many young families with kids. It will have a separate zone for kids. Young children will get many activities to do whenever they move out of the apartment.

  • Tennis court

Tennis is a popular sport, and many Indians want to try it. If you are one of them, Birla Navya is a great locality to settle. It will have a cutting-edge tennis court equipped with a net. All residents can use it for free to enjoy tennis.

  • Basketball court

Basketball is another game that allows you to get healthier if you play dedicatedly. This community will provide a well-maintained basketball court. You and your kids can try it whenever you are planning to enjoy outdoor sports.

  • Swimming pool

Being a posh colony in a prime location in Gurgaon, Birla Navya sector 63A will provide residents with a large swimming pool. Society will maintain it to ensure all users can practice swimming safely.

What features make Birla Navya unique?

Birla Estates is a reputed real estate development company. For years, it has provided buyers with comfy, spacious, and feature-rich properties. Birla Navya is a luxurious housing project in Gurgaon, and the following features make it pretty lucrative.

  • Located in a prime location

This community is located at Sector 63A, Gurgaon. The Golf Course Extension Road connects it to the rest of the city. There are several other housing projects located in the neighborhood. Proximity to NH-48 and easy access to New Delhi and the international airport pleases many buyers. Homeowners can also reach the nearby metro station within a few minutes.

Very few residential projects provide such connectivity in the NCR region. Birla Navya sector 63A is the best among them, and therefore it is quite popular.

  • Top-class facilities are in the vicinity

Gurgaon’s finest schools, reputed hospitals, and other institutions are in the vicinity. This region has attracted many builders since Birla Navya’s construction began. It will be one of the fastest-growing regions of the city. The prices of independent floors and apartments may skyrocket within a few years in this region.

  • Providing independent car parking

Lack of parking space is a major issue in all the metro cities. Homeowners look for properties that come with ample space to park cars and other vehicles. This housing project offers independent parking spaces for all property owners. You can park your cars in parking lanes that guard monitors 24-7.

  • The largest clubhouse

Birla Navya Gurgaon will provide buyers with the largest clubhouse. It will cover a 1.5 Lac sq. ft. area and provide all sorts of indoor attractions you need to stay fit and entertained.

  • Premium low-rise floors

This housing project will cover 47 acres of area, and there will be 300 units in total. Homeowners will get spacious floors, and each floor will have only two residential units. Birla Navya’s low-rise buildings will offer a grand entrance and two lifts connecting each floor.

Many other features and facilities make this housing project one of a kind in the NCR region. Numerous buyers have already bought properties in this project. Since a top-rated builder is developing this project, there is no issue regarding the completion and possessions.

Initial buyers will start moving to Birla Navya sector 63A Gurgaon by June 2024. The remaining buildings will also complete shortly after Drisha and Amoda projects. It is the best time to buy spacious floors at Birla Navya before their prices increase exponentially.

Who should buy residential units at Birla Navya Gurgaon?

Birla Estates is inviting all potential buyers. You have checked all the amenities and features of this community. If it meets your expectations, you should plan to buy an apartment right now.

Birla Navya apartments are also perfect for investment. Gurgaon Sector 63A is a fast-growing region. It is attracting many builders and investors. Any property you buy now in this region can deliver multifold returns in future.

Birla Navya Gurgaon will also attract numerous tenants who wish to live in a luxurious community. Apartments you buy today can become a source of passive income for you. Whether you want to live here or invest for profit, this housing project is perfect for all sorts of investments.


Birla Navya will develop as a luxurious community accommodating 300 families. All the described amenities are more than enough to keep all the dwellers occupied for hours. It is the best community to live a calm and relaxing life.

Separate parking lanes, outdoor and indoor entertainment facilities, and easy access to major landmarks make it the best-gated community for families. Birla Navya, Sector 63A, Gurgaon, will provide 24-7 security, a supply of clean water, and well-maintained streets and lawns.

It will certainly improve your standard of living. You will move to a community of well-educated and decorous neighbours if you buy an independent floor at Birla Navya.

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