Elan the Presidential
Elan the Presidential

Unquestionably fantastic, living in a luxurious apartment. With so much technology available, it’s not only practical—it’s an unrivaled way to live. India’s metropolises have a strong demand for luxury flats, and real estate developers are successfully meeting that need by constructing more of them.

And make no mistake—Elan the Presidential provides you with the opulent lifestyle you desire. Elan Sector 106 Gurgaon is the latest exciting site for Elan Group, offering a long range of amenities that would make every resident feel like a VIP. Elan 

the Presidential has a solution for all of your potential demands.


Sector 106 of Mini Singapore, also known as Dwarka Expressway Gurgaon, is home to the seven-star Elan The Presidential complex. Elan Presidential Gurgaon is a well-known milestone for the astute homeowner. With a goal to build best-in-class innovative homes, very effectively is an important development, and design patterns have been used to ensure that each house is compiled and communicated seamlessly and holds quickly to the best preconceptions of worth and efficiency.

One of Gurgaon’s prospective housing societies that are still under development is Elan The Presidential in Sector 106. Elan The Presidential has apartments available for purchase. This society will be equipped with the necessary features and amenities to meet the demands and specifications of homebuyers. Elan The Presidential, provided to you by Elan Group, is slated to be in your hands in August 2024.

Because we are a RERA-registered organization, the state RERA portal also has information about the development’s specifics and other crucial elements. This development’s RERA reg number is RERA-GRG-PROJ-1194-2022. One of the well-known real estate companies in Gurgaon is Elan Group. So far, the builder has completed three projects. There are about 4 projects coming ahead. This builder currently has 2 projects in various stages of completion.

Highlights of Elan, the Presidential

However, contemporary luxuries are found in every luxury property today. They include amenities that make life more comfortable, such as swimming pools, designed, planted gardens, gyms, relaxation centers, mowed lawns, touch-button reactive fittings, amusement, and retailing. Here are some of Elan the Presidentail’s highlights:

  • It covers 40 acres, with 60% open greens.
  • Each apartment has views of the center green. The majority of us imagine having our own dream house surrounded by picturesque natural beauty. Views that are centered on nature are calming to our minds and lifestyles; thus, they increase value. Elan, the Presidential, completes this idea well.
  • In addition to improving your reputation within your own circle of acquaintances, a beautifully decorated house will assist your guests in feeling at home in their new surroundings. This can really aid in your progress in both your career and personal life. The Elan the Presidential Gurgaon is unsurpassed in its modern and sumptuous architecture.
  • Triple-height lobby with air conditioning.
  • A property in a suitable location will reduce the amount of time you spend traveling to drop your children off at school or to go to your business. When your family is not concerned about their safety, they will feel secure. Elan the Presidential provides you with even more incentive to think about your opulent life there, thanks to the seamless accessibility from Delhi.
  • It also provides a quick journey to IGI Airport. The location is ideal for frequent travelers because it takes little time to go from your home to the airport.
  • The clubhouse is at podium level.
  • One of Elan Sec 106 Gurgaon’s greatest features is the 3-level basement parking.

Amenities Provided by Elan the Presidential

Together, those who have similar viewpoints may construct a civilized community. The kids from the residence will also be exposed to the ideal atmosphere in addition to that. Similar to how one’s lifestyle entirely dictates the facilities they choose and vice versa.

Elan the Presidential provides a wealth of facilities to complement the lavish lifestyle you’ve always desired, whether it’s for you or your children.

  • It makes sense that you would want to visit your house, sip the tea slowly, and take in the scenery from your balcony. Elan the Presidential‘s expansive deck/balcony wonderfully complements that mood.
  • The main priority for both residents and apartment developers is safety. In order to always provide you with a sense of security and tranquility in your house, a five-tier security system has been built.
  • One of the most talked-about amenities is the opulent clubhouse at Elan the Presidential. And it should be mentioned that it was made to offer you a sensation of relaxation.
  • Elan the Presidential has an Olympic-sized pool for all swimming enthusiasts.
  • Do you either go to the gym towards the end of the day or in the morning? Well, Elan’s creators have you covered there, too, with a well-stocked gym.
  • The multi-cuisine restaurant is sure to be one of the favorites.
  • You may also use the tennis and badminton courts in your free time.

Concerned about how to occupy your children? Elan the Presidential provides you with a special children’s area where the little ones may play.

Elan the Presidential: Benefit of the Location

Sector 106 is home to the well-known landmark Chirag Hospital Pvt. Ltd. A solid infrastructure is available in Sector 106. There are 3 educational institutions close by. In terms of medical facilities, there are more than 20 available in the vicinity.
A home in a good location will cut down on the amount of time you need to drive to get to work or drop your kids off at school. Your family will feel comfortable if they aren’t worried about their safety. Elan the Presidential gives you even more reason to imagine your lavish existence there because it is so easily accessible from Delhi.

What you Need to Know About the Elan Group

Elan Group is one of the real estate firms in India that is expanding the quickest. The corporation has pledged to assist in building the nation so that it may significantly increase the value of its property. The Indian real estate industry is undergoing instability as a result of Elan’s commercial endeavors in Gurgaon, India. In recent years, Elan Commercial Gurgaon has become a new center for cutting-edge business activities. Elan Gurgaon Projects, which constructed Mercado, Elan Town Centre, and Elan Sector 106 in the previous four years, offers a list of the top commercial developments in Gurgaon.

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