Frequently Asked Questions

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Why should I choose is one of India’s rapidly growing property portals, which is currently offering the most astonishing and luxurious residential areas for all the people who are looking for real estate. Here, we are always ready to serve a complete solution for searching a property, renting out, buying it, financing for it and much more.

What kind of properties listed on your website?

We are offering a wide range of residential as well as commercial properties. Our residential areas include high-rise apartments, independent floors, villas and plots, and our commercial properties have retailing area for shop owners, office spaces and food court areas.

In which areas you are offering these properties?

Our projects are mainly centralized in Gurgaon region but we are also covering Dwarka Expressway with eye-catching residential properties.

How can I book a property on your website?

In order to book property for buying or renting, you just need to visit our website and check out our current and upcoming project in different sectors of Gurgaon and Dwarka Expressway. According to your requirements, you select any residential or commercial property. After selecting a specific property, just drop an enquiry and we will handle all the procedures required for further discussions related to booking.

How soon you will contact, after I submit my query or request?

You will get immediate response from one of executive, and in case if they are unavailable or dealing with other clients you will get a call within 10 to 15 minutes.

How many properties I can book in single attempt?

According to your budget, you can book as many as you want.

What are the taxes required to pay while buying the property?

If the property’s rate is exceeding Rs. 50 lakhs then you need to pay Tax Deduction at Source (TDS). Furthermore, service tax and value added tax will also need to be paid as the most acquired concerns according to government policies.

Do I also need to pay Stamp Duty?

Stamp duty is generally required to be paid when the property is gifted or transferred to someone else. It’s value ranges from 5% to 12% of the total cost.

What is Power Of Attorney?

Power of Attorney refers as giving the rights or authorizing a person to make decisions regarding your assets, finances and real estate properties.

Can I authorize some other person to register a Power of Attorney of my property?

Yes, you can allow someone else to register a Power Of Attorney for your property with proper legal matters and documentation.

How can I register my property?

Registration of the property consists of submitting all the necessary documents such as tax documents, contracts, Identity Proofs, deeds and other regional charges. All the transactions that will occur at the time of buying a property will be recorded as the proof and also registered in the name of property.

What documents will be needed during registration?

Copies as well as originals of Identity proofs, agreements, contracts and approvals of property construction. It also includes possession letter, tax transaction proofs, proofs of other facility payments such as electricity, water, gas, etc, and NOC from the society you are leaving.